About AlcoholDetoxCenters.net

AlcoholDetoxCenters.net was founded to be a one-stop place for anyone who is looking to detox from alcohol. Alcohol addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed at its core. For this reason, we founded AlcoholDetoxCenters.net to help addicted individuals locate detox centers that provide alcohol detoxification services according to their required location, budget, needs and wants.

Our database enables alcoholics and their family members to see a breakdown and overview of all facilities in their area, along with the type of detox provided at each.

One size does not always fit all. That is why, at AlcoholDetoxCenters.net we believe that individualized treatment based on specific issues of each individuals is always better than blanket treatment that is the same for all. Whether you are looking for a small detox center, or a large, residential, luxury facility, you will be able to find it at AlcoholDetoxCenters.net.

Our mission is simple: provide a full, unbiased list of every alcohol detox facility available. You will be the one in the driver’s seat, making the decision as to which alcohol detox center suits you best.